Best earphone for pubg mobile under 4000 in india

we always needed headphones Be it for movies or music or entertainment or our guilty pleasure we always needed headphones But with this sudden eruption of Covid-19 situation headphones has become one of the mostimportant tool in our arsenal Be it work from home or study from home we need headphones to continue our daily schedule Now i review a lot of headphones in this article Even when i’m not reviewing i’m actually using different types of headphones so naturally people keep asking me for suggestion and most of their queries never cross the budget of Rs.4000. So i thought why not make a single video and collate all the best choices we have within that price bracket Now disclaimer!! I have not used truly wireless headphones extensively to give any opinion about them So I will not be covering any truly wireless headphones in this article So if you are looking for that I think this is where we take part However if you are not conservative about your choices we are going to talk about a lot of awesome headphones So without wasting any further time let’s get started Now

before jumping into the headphones Let’s set some benchmark For me sound quality is the most important thing and then comes the comfort of using that headphone and the third thing is maybe the longevity and then comes convenience so all the headphones or earphones that I’ll be covering in this video must offer the first two things Yes!! longevity and the convenience can be compromised but there should not be any compromise with the sound quality and the comfort because without those you won’t be able to use the headphones

For Long Time so let’s start with the choices under Rs.1000 so the obvious choice in this price bracket is the Sennheiser CX-180 Now the Original CX-180s were quite popular but the one i am talking about here is the CX-180 Street 2 and.. the sound quality of this earphone is Magnificent the sound is very clear the sound stage is also very good In fact it is so good I am quite surprised how they are able to sell this under Rs.1000 The sound signature is also very good It shines in the mids and highs The bass is also quite good It comes when it is required and.. goes away when it is not so it does not hinder the experience of the mids and highs The only caveat of this headphone is it does not come with a mic So if you are looking to use this for your meetings and calls You won’t be able to do that for that

there is another option from Sony So, Sony’s MDR EX 150 AP is also a very good choice under Rs.1000 It also has a very good sound quality but for me it’s not as good as Sennheiser CX-180 But if I have to rank them that comes second but it also com es with mic So you can use it for work from home or study from home purposes And also I can vouch for the longevity of Sony MDR EX 150 AP because i have used it for two years and abused it quite a lot but it’s still working fine so if you are looking for good sound quality and mic you can go for Sony’s MDR EX 150 AP Now let’s move on to the choices between Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 price bracket and….

here also my first choice will be Sennheiser The Sennheiser CX-275S is also a great headphone in this price bracket it has all the good things of CX-180 Street 2 plus it has a mic and it’s not only the mic that is the differentiating factors between Sennheiser CX-180 and 275S the sound stage is also quite better for CX- 275 when compared to CX-180 Now another earphone that can give a good competition to CX-275S is RHA’s MA390 The ”Aston Martin” of headphones the main reason why they call that is because of the build quality the earphone casing is made of aircraft grade Aluminium and also it comes with threeyears of warranty not only the build quality the sound quality is also quite premium of this headphone

The main difference between CX275S and the RHA MA390 is the later has a more flat sound signature so if you are interested for that you can pick up RHA MA390 It also comes with a mic and.. pretty good one too so you can use it for calls and meetings now if you want a comparison video between sennheiser CX275S and the RHA MA390 then let me know in the comments I’ll try to make them as soon as possible now if you are looking for something wired and over the year then you can look into One Odio studio pro 10. Now One Odio studio pro 30 is my daily driver for editing and mixing audio and I really love it’s sound quality One Odio studio pro 10 also has the similar sound quality The only difference is ear cushion is not as good as studio pro 30 so if you can live with that you can pick up One Odio studio pro 10. one thing i can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the sound quality of One Odio studio pro 10.

Now if you want bluetooth earphone in this price bracket then i can suggest you Oneplus bullets wireless Z Mostly because of its dash charging and also the sound quality now i have personally used original bullets wireless and this has a more similar sound quality to that plus a little boosted bass the only thing it is lacking from original bullets wireless is the build quality the earphone casing is made of plastic instead of metal and.. also it does not come with the carrying pouch but i don’t think you will be missing much of that The reason why i’m suggesting you oneplus bullets wireless more is because of the service of oneplus I had some problems with my bullets wireless after using it for seven months basically the sound was not coming from the left ear channel but as soon as they found out they replaced it with a new one so based on that it is safe to say that you won’t be compromised on the quality

also the mic quality on oneplus bullets wireless is very good the battery life of bullets wireless z is also very good it comes with 20 hours of battery life and additionally it also has that low latency mode which will be helpful if you are a gamer now honestly i don’t want to recommend any bluetooth on the ear or the over the ear headphone in this price bracket but… if you really have to pick up one then you can look for Boat Rockerz 600 that is the only one bluetooth on the ear headphone that i can recommend it has a pretty good sound quality with warm sound signature and you will like it especially if you are a bass head it has a decent battery life too but above all why i am able to recommend this one compared to anything else at this price point is because of the comfort it provides you can wear this headphone for long times without stressing your earlobes which is very rare to see in this price bracket I would still suggest to pick up some wired headphone or earphone at this price point otherwise you have to compromise the sound quality but if you really have to pick up one then you can go for Boat Rockerz 600 Okay!! so now let’s talk about Price range from Rs.2000 to 3000 and in this price range if you are still looking for wired earphones then save your money and.. buy CX275S or RHA MA390 the only thing i can additionally add to the list is probably

if you are a BASSHEAD then you can pick up SONY MDR XB55 as the name suggests XB it has some extra base in that and.. otherwise it has Sony’s signature sound profile now that is only if you are really a bass-head now this is the price range where bluetooth headphone gets quite interesting because you are getting Soundcore life Q10 in this price bracket and if you have still not heard about this particular headphone then you can watch my reviews or any other reviews and you can literally find out there is no negative comments about that particular headphone the reason being the sound quality and especially its bass and i don’t mean the bass in a way that it completely overshadows the mids and highs they are also present but the bass is the main selling factor of this particular headphone and the overall sound signature is also quite clear and quite surprising that we get this at this price point also it comes with fast charging and USB type C and because of all these things everyone is speaking about this particular

headphone and everyone is trying to pick up one for themselves as one of the comments in my channel said it’s a BEAST now if you are someone who does not like over the year headphones in any way and only want to pick up earphones then you can buy the original bullets wireless they are really good they are really well made I am using for the last one and a half year and they are working fine Although there was one glitch in the middle but they have replaced it so I can count it as throughout the year it is working fine okay so now we have reached the top of the ladder so let’s talk about headphones which are within Rs.3000 to Rs.4000 price bracket and in this price bracket I have two main choices now before jumping onto them again if you are looking for wired in-ear earphones the choices remain same Sennheiser CX-275S and RHA’s MA390

So if you have to spend Rs.4000 rupees in in-ear earphones, you can either buy two of the each one or you can buy one of both or you can save the money anyway so let’s jump on to our choices so the first choice is for the wired over the ear headphone that is One Odio Studio Pro 30 Now i have been using this headphone for last 10 months and this has been my daily driver for my audio editing and mixing and also anything i am doing on the desk even for meetings and calls I am using One Odio Studio Pro 30 when I’m on desk and for all of them this headphone has been a great experience First of all the main thing is the comfort The cushion on this headphones are really great and they have not deteriorated at all in this 10 months even the overall build quality i don’t see any kind of scratches or marks on there It can be a reason that I am very careful using my products however even then I don’t see even a hint of material coming off from this particular headphone

So if you are spending money for longevity this can serve you good for long time and talking about sound quality obviously you can see my full review of this headphone I am really impressed the sound quality it produces at this price point so if you have a budget of Rs.4000 and you want a professional headphone at this price point definitely pick up One Odio Studio Pro 30 over anything else I can bet you you won’t regret now what if you are not a professional user what if, you don’t need to edit or mix audio what if, you don’t want wire and just want a bluetooth headphone for good experience in listening to music or watching movies then obviously the one choice that I have my personal choice that is Tribit Xfree Tunes Now this is my daily driver in case of

when i am on the move although i can’t say that is much in last three months but still you get the point If I have to pick up one all-round headphone at this price point within Rs.4000 that can serve me all purposes I will definitely pick up Tribit Xfree Tunes the main reason is it is built really well at this price point The moment you take it on the hand you can really feel the build quality and you will be surprised that how it is possible to make something at this price point the second thing is the sound quality it has a quite a balanced sound quality with a really punchy and clear base and the third thing is what was the third thing there’s no third thing anyway just because of sound quality and the comfort and the build quality of this headphone I can recommend you this headphone 10 out of 10 times

now I have covered most of these headphones and earphones in this channel the link of those videos will be there in the description now those which are not covered yet will be covered in the coming weeks so if you don’t want to miss out on that then you know what to do anyway let me know your views in the comment section and also let me know if I have missed any significant headphone or earphone in this price bracket in the comment section i will try to get hold of them andreview them as soon as possible anyway that’s all for this video until next time this is Parth signing off for Eenfopal and I’ll see you in the next video

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